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The Best iOS Apps for Kindergarten kids and Toddlers - April 2014

There are multiple apps for kids and toddlers on various mobile platforms, but to get the best apps is hard to find. Our expert analysts have created a list of the best iOS apps for your kids and toddlers of April 2014.

Jacob's Shapes

Jacob's Shapes is a very delightful game for young kids and toddlers. There are some cute & lovable creatures that makes your toddler very happy. Its key features includes 20 colorful levels, child & adult voice and very simple menu to operate.

Cookie Doodle

This app is among the favorite for young kids and toddlers. You can make your own cookies without making any kind of mess. We provide the cookie dough, a rolling pin, cutters, various frostings and sprinkles to use in packages.

1000 Adventures

1000 Adventures has been the winner of parent's choice awards by Fun Stuff, children's technical review. It's a gamebook featuring pirates, dinosaurs, castles, cowboys and more fun filled adventures.

7 Nights' Bed Time Stories

This is a wonderful app designed to make bed time stories fun and exciting for you and your kid. There are total 7 different stories about Danny and other crayon creatures, which will be additional features to give you a perfect whole week.

Park Math

Park Math is an award winning app that teaches mathematical concepts based on Common Care State Standards. Learn variuos activities such as counting, addition, subtraction various patterns and more.
$ 1.99 | Download from iTunes

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